Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Tomorrow, June 1st, 2020 will be the start of the General Community Quarantine. Please remember that from a medical standpoint, tomorrow does not mean that each of us has necessarily become stronger to fight or not to be infected by the COVID-19 virus or that the COVID-19 virus has become a weaker virus that it cannot kill us anymore. In fact it still remains to be a deadly virus killing thousands worldwide.

As such going into the GCQ tomorrow , EACH PERSON NOW BECOMES HIS OWN FRONTLINER for this disease.

As such going into the GCQ tomorrow , EACH PERSON NOW BECOMES HIS OWN FRONTLINER for this disease. Each person now is their own first line of defense against being killed by the virus and also the first line of defense against the spread of this virus from others to yourself or from yourself to others. We doctors and our medical staff, are now your last line of defense but you don't want to reach that point of being our patient. You now owe it to yourself to defend your own body against the COVID-19.

Always, always wear your mask and stay away from those without masks. If only everyone wears masks, 80% of spread will be controlled. A person needs to be infected with 1000 virions to be sick. If you are not a health care worker, chances are low that you will get 1000 virions at one time. BUT if you go out needlessly to a crowded place and get exposed to people with covid-19, you may get 100 virions or more from 10 breaths of an infected person and this would multiply mostly in your throat till it overwhelms you if your immunity is low, or you do not "defend" yourself well.

Once the virus is in you, your best defense so far is just to defeat it while it is still few in numbers by boosting your immunity by getting enough rest and sleep, exercise, enough vitamins D and C and the mineral Zinc. It will also help to sterilize your throat with beverages that's hot enough to kill as much virus before they get the chance to further multiply to get you down. Frequent handwashing and alcohol in your pocket wherever you go for easy access to sterilize your hands will go a long way in protecting yourself. These are just the best that you can do now as frontliners until vaccines are in place.

If you can, STAY HOME - it is the safest place.

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